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What can lead to fail of actual reason of Conveyancing?

At the interprofessional level, European negotiations have resulted in agreements on parental leave, part-time work, fixed-term contracts and telework. The first three agreements have been translated in directives according to article 139 of the EC Treaty. However, in the past, most of these texts have not contained any provision to ensure their implementation and follow-up. These agreements therefore remain unknown, with very little dissemination at national level and with their effectiveness subject to caution. Conveyancing Work In recent years, the social partners have turned towards the adoption of new generation texts (charter, codes, agreements) containing commitments to implementation in the longer term.

The European organisations representing employers and workers must meet the following three criteria : The question of representativity is scrutinised in ongoing studies which are subcontracted to the Université Catholique of Louvain-la-Neuve. In 2003, a study has been carried out on the representativity of UNI-Europa and the COESS in the EU-15. Following the Decision of May 1998 establishing the sectoral social dialogue committees, 30 committees have been set up at the request of the social partners in the sectors concerned.

The various social partners at sectoral and cross-industry level meet several times per year at the initiative of the Commission within the liaison forum, where they are informed and consulted on the main social policy initiatives. This also provides a place to exchange experience on themes of common interest to all sectors. in the EU, the private security is taking an important place. More than 600,000 people work in almost 10,000 companies which specialise in the surveillance of industrial sites, office buildings, public buildings, the transport of cash and valuables, personal protection or the protection of homes, electronic surveillance, airport and maritime harbour security, theft prevention, etc.

The publication of a manual on the selection of best value in public procurements of guarding services; This has defined new responsibilities for the social partners in the context of employment policy with their participation in the European employment strategy.