Read This Controversial Article And Find Out More About valuation

This podcast probably for the first time bins mentioned a couple times it’s always good to sort of hit the pause button rewind go back Valuations NSW to the first one it’s kind of a continuing story but we ‘ve covered some really good fundamentals and the basics that people will need to cover if they’re looking to buy investment property we’ve talked about the pillars.

The steps the types of property that we thought because you and I both dealing with clients all the time you know as a part of our day job yep we thought it’d be interesting just to provide some commentary and what we see common mistakes that people are baking & see that might be helpful to your listeners yeah look and we’ve only go minutes after hours so these going to be all the mistakes but again it’s being back to what we’re here to do mean this is about us giving back to an industry we love at about seeing households create passive income for life so we’re just going to talk a couple of them and they’ll be more into future as well so I’ll start off by talking about lending strategy and structure so on a licensed financial advisor and so I’m able to talk about this in detail and what I’m talking about there is and when you’re building out a portfolio and with some of the perch Ainge’s that are going on at the moment around borrowing power more now more than ever it’s really important to not just think about your current purchase but.

Actually think you know one purchase ahead if you can so try to understand where your borrowing power is going to limit you in terms of your next move because that’s going to be really important but obviously on the flip side that don’t overextend yourself either mean you know don’t go and gear yourself to the shot and housing just to try and get into the into.